The ‘stupid’ industry is lucrative.

Stupidity_by_BlobbingWith this blog having reached 20% of the countries of the world, I figured everyone’s thirsty for my word vomit. I’m a global phenomenon. A blogging sensation. And you know what? My atlas has been put to use lately. Why? To acquaint myself with the names of those teensy countries whose names don’t fit in their allocated map space. And why is that? Because minuscule isolates sovereign nations too, are hungry for my word throw-up.  My bullshit banter is in high demand.

Now that we’re assured of my credibility unlike the impressionable goofs who didn’t need proof in the first place let’s up and get to the good stuff; as well as browse and subscribe to this blog. 😉

As you know, the purpose of this blog is to Educate. And that, I am commited to. The item on the itenirary today is ‘Stupidity.’ For those taking notes, I insist the heading be in capital letters.

I’m sure you’re aware, the stupid industry is lucrative; it’s economy booming. Stupidity is in abundance; and a highly valued commodity. There is a surplus in the number of the people “piles of redundant protoplasm” (George Carlin, 2005) that need to be killed before they lay eggs because if stupid is a gene; then it is dominant. In fact, there is no metaphor that can tackle precisely what I’m trying to get at, but feel free to elaborate on those above. Winnipeg weather is the closest synonym.

In fact, my dears, there are  limitless number of tangents we could get into regarding the this ‘S’ word, and in preparing this piece, I was dumbfounded by  the countless demonstrations of ‘stupid’ that I have witnessed in the duration of this 19  old year alone. This year, stupid has started with a bang.

So, that’s right; class is dismissed early today. I am too overwhelmed to put to paper anything noteworthy. However please ponder on the article link below; just so to get a glimpse as to why my head is  buried in my hands and I’ve officialy lost hope in humanity.

Thanks, me little geniuses.




8 thoughts on “The ‘stupid’ industry is lucrative.

    • stashedpotatoes says:

      Thanks. I read your blog too. Very insightful and awesome. 🙂 Will make it a point to nominate yours too/ 🙂

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