The one where i address the eyebrow struggle


Want eyebrows like DESEEE? (Indulge me as i play eyebrow expert.)

I like people with nice eyebrows. It’s just a bias I have. Good eyebrows make for an attractive face. Average eyebrows make for an attractive face. However, badly done eyebrows can make me puke in my soup. Every girl, at some point in her life comes to a Eureka! realization that she can do her eyebrows. It arrives proximal to her foundation discovery which comes  wayyy after the lipgloss realization which precedes the mascara unveiling at the onset of the 13th birthday. Brows, to me are better left alone to their bushy vices, than overplucked, or badly crafted. However, ofcourse, well tweezed, and  filled-in and eyebrows, will make me contemplate talking to you.  😉 I’m not a fashion blogger, so won’t go into detail about the different types of brows.  Or which stanking eyebrow flatters your face.

In fact, mine probably are far from the shiznit. However, that shit above your left and right eye shouldn’t be squigly. or post-modern, or look like a chapeau. Which is why i strongly feel, it may be  life-saving to use your own eyebrows as a template. Go with the grain of what God gave you. Don’t create an arch where there is none. Don’t brand your face with two Nike signs. Your eyebrows should be sisters, not cousins.  And most importantly, please return that concealer to Mac, if you plan on using it to create an aureole of glory around your eyebrows. There is no cookie cutter eyebrow that will suit everyone. And I’m talking to you with the pointy tip of the head.

I’m focusing on the negative. Because I’m always a pessimist when it comes to eyebrows. So I  must note that ANYONE can work wonders on their forehead whiskers. And I’m speaking as someone with no eye for detail. I don’t have a green thumb. In this instance, I’m guessing, a pink thumb. Because make-up is pink.

2012, I feel brought about the curse of the halo eyebrow. Which the every female employed, when only a handful could implement. This is a big problem ouchea. And now that big eyebrows are in, there’s pressure to really accentuate the heck out of them.

Only recently I realized that majority of my friends liken doing their eyebrows well to open heart surgery, and thence avoid it altoghether. I blame it on the half hour  Youtube eyebrow tutorials which require God-knows how many brushes and products, and brushes and products. For me, it literally boils down to two minutes. And very little skill. I promise you… well done eyebrows, will transform any average face into a highly attractive one. 🙂 They can be your pretty girl disguise.


One thought on “The one where i address the eyebrow struggle

  1. lauramattunda says:

    Awesome!!! At last I see a blog on this.
    I almostwent into it but luckily didn’t have the heart. Eventually I just had a little trimming and boy oh boy did my face transform. Didn’t require brushes or pencils,etc…
    Thanks for this.

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