The Summer I Lost Passion part 2


… And the summer where I lost passion came to progress and then to pass.

It culminated with bad hair maintenance and a weird diet. I’m out of school, and resigned from work, away from the city, with a lot of time on my hands; so let’s discuss, and shit.

So, the dramatic world events would settle back, and my feed came to be filled with community news stories and technological advancements by little kids in Nigeria across the world. (and countless  unimpressive photo documentation by heaps of friends who went to the States for a wedding.) Girls began to wear hideous ponytails atop their flowing hair, and everyone’s butt and eyebrows grew shockingly bigger. I became watchful for these things as I continued to settle into a not-so-busy lifestyle.

I persisted to say piss off to the world and remained indoors mostly, eating bad food with questionable company a friend, watching Kenyan dating shows. Courtesy of these, I grew homesick, and forgot how to watch anything else. My balcony would quickly come to be a paradise, where, removed from the bullshit, I still had a great view of it, and could occasionally throw cartons  and duck. The natural sunlight hit the right spots, and there, I could face the sliding glass, and observe myself, and create my own type of unwholesome entertainment.

During the occasional trip to the grocery store and nail salon, I continued to watch eyebrows people; most of them drab and humorless with a vacant slow moving energy. The kind that characterized the surroundings of those who did not make it down to the States for the wedding. Apparently, in general relativity, positive energy would travel South at the speed of weddings.

Unarmed people continued to hurt themselves, my acquaintances came up with crazy stories, and I exhausted all the music that had previously kept me sane through it all, but I met a gem in the mayhem. 😉


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